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 Single Player Versus Training

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PostSubject: Single Player Versus Training   Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:28 pm

Want to work on your skills as infected without the embarrassment of learning ingame? Follow this guide to help jumpstart your talents.
Launch your game, and before you do anything, type in console: sv_cheats 1; sb_all_bot_game 1; z_frustration 0; z_tank_health 20000

Then type in map [mapyouwanttoplayhere] versus (like "map c11m2_offices versus" for example).

The map you picked should start loading now. Once you are in, use jointeam 3 if you are not already on the infected team. From here, you can use the z_spawn command while in ghost mode, and whatever special infected you spawn you will automatically take control of. The tank (z_spawn tank) is good to play around with. Now's a good time to practice hitting cars and other physics objects in different directions, just to get use to how they fly and where you need to hit them to get them to move. It might also be useful throwing rocks around since they can be hard to land even on still targets. Tank rocks fly more like a grenade than a projectile, so you need to figure out the angles to get the right parabolic flight path. (Don't expect rocks to go where your crosshairs are aiming is what I'm saying.)

If you want to put the survivors somewhere to practice hitting them with rocks, use the command warp_all_survivors_here and they will be teleported to wherever your crosshairs are pointing. So you could climb on top of a building, teleport the survivors to the streets below and practice throwing rocks at them from there.

The other special people might want to improve their skill on would be the hunter (z_spawn hunter). If you aren't very good with wall jumps (>M1 jump at wall >hold crouch >turn 180 degrees as you hit wall >press M1 again to jump off wall in opposite direction) you can experiment here. Any urban map with buildings (most of No Mercy and Dead Air) is good to practice hunter wall jumps. You can also practice landing high damage pounces by teleporting the survivors wherever you want them.

You can spawn other specials too "z_spawn jockey/smoker/spitter/charger/boomer" but most people are already technically proficient with these, and you can't learn how to use them on non-moving bots anyway.

Useful Commands/Variables

  • sv_cheats 1 - allows you to change cheat protected variables. Also stops recording statistics for the current game (or is suppose to anyway)
    sb_all_bot_game 1 - allows teams to consists of bots instead of shutting down the server for lack of human players
  • jointeam 2 / jointeam 3 - join the survivor or infected side
    sb_dont_shoot 1 - survivor bots don't fire their weapons
  • sb_dont_bash 1 - survivor bots don't push back infected (and can't save pinned teammates either)
    director_stop - stops the game from spawning common infected, special infected and boss infected (you must use z_spawn then in order to spawn yourself)
  • warp_all_survivors_here - warps survivors to wherever your crosshairs are pointing
  • sv_tankpropfade 0 - if set to 1 (default), physics props that a tank hits are removed after a period of time to prevent a tank from indefinitely blocking paths with cars or other objects.
  • z_tank_health 20000 - sets the default health for tanks higher
  • z_frustration 0 - turns off the tanks frustration meter so you never lose control
  • z_allow_ai_to_use_abilities 0 - if disabled, AI hunters don't pounce, AI chargers don't charge, ect.
  • god 1 - survivors take no damage at all. Objects like cars and rocks will pass through them without registering a hit
  • buddha 1 - survivors take damage, but aren't suppose to be incapped or die. This works somewhat, but you can still incap them with physics objects. Turn this on if you want to practice throwing rocks at survivors and need the hit registration without them being incapacitated.
  • z_charge_interval 1 - instant recharge of the Charger's special ability
  • z_spit_interval 1 - instant recharge of the Spitter's special ability
  • z_tank_throw_interval 1 - instant recharge of the tank's rock throw
  • kick tank / kick hunter / etc. - use the "kick" command to get rid of any pesky AI
  • hurtme [ammount] - damage yourself the selected amount (possible suicide method)
  • sb_open_fire 1 - bots continually shoot their guns. Useful for keeping their glows active

Any problems or questions about this can be asked in this thread, and answered accordingly.
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Single Player Versus Training
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