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PostSubject: Brocabulary   Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:56 pm

Most of us original members ("The O.G.s", if you will) have been playing together for over a year now, so naturally we've come up with our own vernacular for certain things. If I've missed anything, post them in this thread along with the definition

Jombies (noun) - Another name for the infected. Origin: Space mispoke and made a "J" sound instead of a "Z" sound, and since it was immortalized on film, it's become an integral part of our speech.

Jombie (verb) - To play Left 4 Dead. "Hey man, are we gonna jombie tonight?" - "You know it, bro!"

(verb) - Being given pills by a teammate at an inopportune time, usually causing damage from an infected that would have otherwise been avoidable. Also immortialized.

Dead Run (noun) - A custom campaign for L4D1. Notorious for it's extreme length and no spawn closets, this campaign became the stuff of legends when our ragtag group of survivors were able to beat it. It only required many, many, many restarts. By the end, only Lemmers was left alive and barely made it to the next safehouse, even when the difficulty was set to Easy. "Man, this is some Dead Run bullshit right here." It's like in that episode of Star Trek: TNG where the alien culture communicates solely with allegories... "Dead Run" is our "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra". /nerd

Just Fucking Healed (phrase) - Usually the first thing said after taking damage immediately after being healed. "Aw man, and I just fucking healed!" (I'll be posting the origins of this in my next YouTube video.)

Chasing Specials (phrase) - Often said after Ham gets incapped far away from the group, although lots of us are equally as guilty but never blamed. "What where you doing way back there, boy? Chasin' specials again?"

The Mean Lunch Table (phrase) - It's how I describe our social clique in Left 4 Dead when an unknown person is thrown into it. It's like the new kid in school accidentally sitting at the popular kids' lunch table in the cafeteria. It doesn't matter who they are, they will be ripped to shreds. "Goddamn guys, why'd you make fun of him? Now he left!" - "Aw fuck 'em, he wasn't one of us anyway." - "The Mean Lunch Table strikes again." If you've watched the NBC comedy Community, we are pretty much the study group incarnate.
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